Monthly Archives: March 2012


A$AP Rocky at his most recent performances *claps* what can I possibly say this guy continues to impress me on a daily his career has progressed like crazy. working with one of the hottest designers! and clothing lines such as Jermey Scott and , Black scale , and more to come! he wore his original Comme des FUCK DOWN beanie , Givenchy jacket , Alexander Wang stripped under T-shirt Y-3 oversized flannel (Which I’m obsessed with) and of course the most recent Jordan cement 4’s Geeshhh literally died !


So the Other day I had to do my debate assessment (Big part of my grade ) the argument was Capital punishment and I had to be for it to be legalized in all states . Like a dummy I waited last minute to do it so I ended up doing it within a day, and this is what I wore American Apparel trousers, leopard loafers, Black swayed blazer , Oversize fedora, and of course a simple Gold chain . and oh yeah I on my debate lol A+ for me


So while getting ready for school I kept flipping back and fourth with listening to TLC and Bob Marley . I was progressing in frustration because I couldn’t find a outfit . So I sat back and gave myself a minute . than Thought why not embody TLC with Over sized overalls with a rasta feel of Bob Marley . well this was the end resultImage