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So I was so anxious to do another styling shoot after my Trill styling shoot. but I did a different approach with a spring/summer look a nice easy simple fun look. but also looking  vibrant with a statement . The female model Katie I actually work with, and had to shoot her just look at those legs and that hair ! Well shes wearing a Vintage Led Zepplin  shirt with  Custom American flag shorts by with heels by Jeffrey Campbell and a over sized Fedora. Than on the other hand we have my new friend Franky who I actually met at Starbucks ahaha hes wearing a vintage pink Floyd shirt with black skinnies from Levis , beat chucks (for the grunge look) custom American flag jacket by and a American flag bandanna  …HOW’D I DO GUYS?!

Styling:Dominic Grizzelle

Photography:Dominic Grizzelle

Models: Frank Hoopes , Katie Acker- White

Wardrobe: Jeffrey campbell ,


Very inspiration video although when I first heard him say my collections are almost identical. I didn’t get it but than he broke it down by saying “looking at things from a different angle ” .so what I took from that was looking at things from different perspectives which I always tell myself to do . enjoyed the video